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Tips to find a reputable moving company

Tips to find a reputable moving company

Finding a good moving company is often not as easy as you might think. We have put together a few useful tips for you so that you can find a suitable, reputable moving company quickly, easily and without complications.

Determine needs and requirements

First, of course, you need to think about what requirements and needs you have for your move. Even before you start looking for a suitable moving company, this question should really be clarified, because the companies also offer different services.

Take some time to be clear about the general conditions of your move and make some notes for this purpose. Only then you can define the service you need and know which services you will need. You should take the following aspects to heart and answer them honestly:

How far is the distance between your new and old apartment/house?
How much moving goods do you have to transport?
Are there any goods that are difficult to transport or valuable items?
Are there large and particularly heavy moving items?
Are there any pets to be moved to the new home?
Do you want to take your garden or similar items with you?
When is the date for the move and how much time can it take?
Once the questions are answered, you can provide your moving company with the answers and facts and get a quote.

How can I recognize reputable moving companies?

Basically, reputable moving companies offer free quotes and some even visit and survey on site free of charge to plan with you. In addition, you can answer the following points with yes for a reputable moving company:

The company has a landline and is reliably available at stated times.
The company has an appealing, modern homepage, shown pictures or data correspond to the truth and are genuine.
The address can be checked via. Google Maps and exists.
You get a free estimate and do not commit to anything.
Testimonials from the net are positive and recommendable.

In addition, proper moving company have the following data in the imprint:

Company name
The management
Telephone number (landline)
E-mail address is available
VAT number
Tax number
If there is perhaps even a membership in the national association, you can assume that the moving company works reliably and professionally. This registration guarantees the quality of the services provided.

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